Wika Model RLS-6000 Suspended float switch


    • Wastewater lifting stations
    • Pumping stations
    • Settling pits
    • Particle-laden media

Special features

    • Adjustable switch position through screw-adjustable float
    • Switch rod actuator, potential-free reed switch
    • Switch contact freely definable as normally closed, normally open or change-over contact
    • Also reliable in strongly contaminated media

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The model RLS-6000 suspended float switch is used for monitoring strongly contaminated media, e.g. in wastewater lifting stations and pumping stations. The adjustable float rises and falls with the liquid level and moves the float rod depending on the level. When the float rod reaches the end position in the case, the magnet at the end of the float rod actuates the reed switch potted inside.

The triggering of the reed contacts by the permanent magnet is contact-free and thus free from wear. The float can be mounted and adjusted via a screw connection. This enables easy installation and fine adjustment of the desired switch point over a length of ~ 50 mm (~ 2.0 in).

Due to the special mechanical design of the float system, the model RLS-6000 float switch is also suitable for adhesive media. Due to the large-dimension float body, adhesions will not affect the function of the float switch. During maintenance, cleaning as required can prevent a too strong ballasting of the float by deposits.


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