Wika Submersible pressure sensor Model LW-1


  • Level measurement in rivers and lakes
  • Deep well and groundwater monitoring
  • Control of sewage lift and pumping stations
  • Monitoring of sewage, settling and rainwater retention basins

Special features

  • Permanent use even in contaminated media
  • An optimised discharge behaviour and a large pressure port prevent the instrument from clogging and ensure a minimum maintenance effort
  • Explosion protection selectable in accordance with ATEX or IECEx
  • Low-power output signals for battery-operated measuring systems available
  • Optional temperature output for density compensation and temperature monitoring

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Developed for water and wastewater
The submersible pressure sensor model LW-1 has been developed especially for applications in the water management such as level measurement in fresh and salt water and in wastewater.

The robust design and a large pressure port prevent it from clogging and minimise the application-specific maintenance, even in contaminated media.

Thanks to newly developed special cables, components made of high-alloyed stainless steel and an optional overvoltage protection against lightning, the submersible pressure sensor is ideal for measurement applications in aqueous media.

Temperature measurement and HART®communication
An analogue temperature output for monitoring of the medium temperature is optionally available. It facilitates the documentation of temperature characteristic curves and a compensation of temperature-induced density variations.

The HART® communication can be used for scaling the measuring range and for the parameterisation of unit, error signal, and others.

Optimised electronics for battery operation
The modern electronic system guarantees not only a high accuracy in the long term but also ensures a very long battery life thanks to low power supply, low current consumption, fast response time and low-power output signals.

Safety also in hazardous areas
The optional intrinsically safe electronic system is authorised according to the common international standards and allows a safe worldwide application in explosive gases and vapours.



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